Final Fantasy VIII
"I'm more complex than you think,"-Squall

Seriously, I doubt I'll need to tell the story by now. It's been hyped to death anyway.

First, I'd like to be a happy little thing for a while because I managed to acquire Final Fantasy 8 IN ENGLISH before anyone else.

<Starts being a happy little thing>

Now, on with the review.

FF8 was hyped as soon as FF7 was released for the PC as far as I know. Within months, I knew all I needed to know about Squall and Rinoa. Two months later, I swore myself completely off FF8 hype. I refused to acknowledge the existence of said hype. I'm proud to say I did it very successfully for a whole year, and longer.

So I've finally bought the game. And I ignored everything FF8-related (save the soundtrack). I played FF8 with extreme curiosity, wondering what the game was all about.

Oh. My. God.

It's the best I've ever played.

I DEMAND THAT YOU PLAY THIS GAME and ignore all the hype and high expectations that you had of it. It's a bit harsh, I know, but that's the only way you will enjoy this game.

All the reviews I've read on the net about the Japanese version range from wonderful to bad. Really bad. I have deduced that the bad reviews stem from these factors:

To these people, I give the same advice I give myself when I play an RPG:
Don't think so much.

Graphics: 10/10
This is the reason why we all bought this game, wasn't it? The screenshots were so lovely we *had* to buy it. Despite the characters being full bodied, they move very realistically, unlike Parasite Eve where they walked funny. Heck, they *were* funny-looking! But not here.

Gameplay: 10/10
It was hyped. It is cool. The Junction is a force to be reckoned with. Still wish you could have that multi-command attack like FF7's command materia. And because limit breaks only activate when you're critical, people like me are never going to see it. It's also very challenging, for those who complained that FF7 was too easy. Imagine forgetting to junction magic. Have fun fighting those dragons...

Translation: 10/10
So far, so good. No grammar mistakes. No plotholes caused because of the translation.

Humour: 10/10
Oh man, this is *good*. Cramped legs, to awkward conversation, to just plain slapstick. This is a comedy. Not so by the end of the first disc...

Realism: 9/10
Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in the history of Final Fantasy...

Consistent public transport. Paved roads. And a fixed salary.

I doubt it can get any more realistic than this.

Music: 10/10
Those who still insist till their dying days that FF6 still has the best music should be tied up and be made to listen to the entire FF8 soundtrack till they love it. I'm not saying that FF6's music was bad, but FF8's music deserves a fair chance. It's a different story, therefore it needs different music. The music fits the mood of the game very well.

I don't have much to say about FF8 anymore. What difference does it make? You're just going to buy it anyway. Right?

Verdict: A++


-Lows? In this game? Are you kidding?

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